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Fire Insurance Coverage For Salt Lake City

Homeowners throughout the Salt Lake City area who are in need of fire insurance, you can look to Jackson Insurance Services for affordable insurance quotes. Fire Insurance is available for homeowners who need extra coverage for their personal belongings. You can never be sure of when a disaster will happen, so you’ll want to be prepared and have your home and possessions taken care of if a disastrous event occurs to your home in Salt Lake City. Even though your homeowners insurance plan does provide coverage, fire insurance takes that extra step to make sure that you have everything covered, because a homeowners policy can only do so much. 

Jackson Insurance Services is here to offer homeowners in the SLC area excellent and affordable coverage for fire insurance. Consult with one of our experienced insurance agents and get a free quote. From there, we can go over some options and find what’s best for you. 


How Does Fire Insurance Help?

As the name indicates, fire insurance is a kind of policy that protects you from losses that are caused by a fire. However, you’d be surprised at the other things this policy covers. Since your homeowners insurance does cover fire damage, why is it important to have a separate fire insurance plan? Fire insurance extends your coverage for things such as replacements, repairs, and even reconstruction. This is important because your homeowners insurance policy has a limit, so if you feel like you need additional coverage for your belongings, then getting a fire insurance policy is a good idea. Fire insurance can replace items that were lost in a disaster or pay you back in actual cash value. This is why many homeowners opt for the additional coverage of fire insurance in Salt Lake City. We can never know when disaster is going to strike, so it’s important to make sure your items are covered. You don’t want to experience a major loss.  

If you’re interested in opening up a fire insurance policy, then you should get in contact with the experienced professionals at Jackson Insurance Services to get quotes on fire insurance. We can provide you with a summary of the coverage and narrow down your best options. Fire insurance is an excellent solution for homeowners who have a lot of valuable possessions that wouldn’t be entirely covered under their homeowners insurance policy.


Fire insurance policies also protect against the smoke and water damage that typically occurs during a fire. These policies are typically issued for a year but are renewable with the same terms as the original policy. 

What’s covered? These are the common things that a fire insurance plan can help with:

  • Fires brought about from electricity
  • Fires brought about from a gas explosion
  • Water damage that stems from a bursting water tank
  • Pipes could also be covered
  • Lightning
  • Other natural disasters

Despite where the primary source of the fire starts, your new plan will provide the coverage you need.

Protect Your Home with Fire Insurance
Natural Catastrophe Insurance is available through Jackson Insurance Services with Natural Catastrophe Insurance Program (NCIP)  NCIP provides Earthquake Insurance Coverage, Flood Insurance Coverage, and/or Landslide Insurance Coverage for any property that you may want to insure. Personal property can be added to the Fire Insurance Policy or Hazard Insurance Policy.

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If you’re a homeowner in Salt Lake City who is interested in getting additional coverage for your property and possessions, then call Jackson Insurance Services today at 801-264-1100. A free quote is just a phone call away.

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