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Provo Fire Insurance Policies

For homeowners in Provo, UT who are in need of fire insurance, turn to Jackson Insurance Services for the best quotes. Fire insurance is beneficial for those who need additional coverage for their personal possessions. Unfortunately, you never know when a disaster could strike, so you want your home and belongings in Provo to have the proper coverage. While your homeowner’s insurance policy helps with coverage, fire insurance can go above and beyond to make sure your possessions are covered.

Jackson Insurance Services is available to provide residents in Provo with exceptional coverage for fire insurance. Talk to one of our knowledgeable agents for a free quote and to go over the options that will suit you best.



What Is Fire Insurance?

Fire insurance, as the name suggests, is a type of property damage that covers any damages or loss due to a fire (but you’d surprised by the other things covered). Why is having a fire insurance plan a good idea? After all, your homeowner’s policy does cover fire damage. However, having a fire insurance policy provides coverage for the cost of needed replacements, repairs, and even reconstruction (if needs be) that is above the limit of your homeowner’s insurance policy. So even though your homeowner’s plan typically covers fire damage, it’s probably capped at a rate that is less than what the lost items are worth. This is why having a separate policy for fire can be extremely beneficial. In the event of a fire, your plan will pay you back on a replacement or actual cash value (ACV).

If you want extensive coverage in regard to fire damage, then call the insurance experts at Jackson Insurance Services for a quote on fire insurance. We’ll be able to give you a rundown on all your options to find something that suits you best. This is a great solution for homeowners that have a lot of valuable items that wouldn’t be covered completely under their homeowner’s insurance plan.

A fire insurance plan also includes the additional coverage of the smoke and water damage that occurs due to the fire. Typically, this is good for about one year but is renewable for the homeowner with the same terms as the original policy.

Your fire insurance policy will protect and cover you against various sources. These include:

  • Fires brought about from electricity
  • Fires brought about from a gas explosion
  • Water damage that stems from a bursting water tank
  • Pipes could also be covered
  • Lightning
  • Other natural disasters

Regardless of where the fire originates (inside or outside), a fire insurance plan will provide the coverage you need.

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