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Fire Insurance in Salt Lake City, UT

Property and Fire Insurance

According to the National Fire Protection Agency, Americans experience a fire in their home once every five years. This percentage includes small fires that are easily put out, but what about the ones that aren’t easily extinguished? To protect your home from the problems that can arise, get fire insurance for your property.

Trust Jackson Insurance Services

To protect your property with fire insurance, make sure to give Jackson Insurance Services a call. We put your needs first and can get you rates that are competitive. This gives you the advantage of getting the most affordable rate possible. Many homeowners and renters insurance covers fire in their policies so make sure to discuss fire options. As a trusted insurance company we believe in going above and beyond to help all our clients. We strive to make the insurance application process as simple as possible, no matter your background or circumstances.

We offer insurance for the following types of property:

  • Rental Property Insurance
  • Condo Unit-Owners Insurance
  • Cabin Insurance
  • Seasonal Home Insurance
  • Vacant Property Insurance

Protect Your Home with Fire Insurance

Natural Catastrophe Insurance is available through Jackson Insurance Services with Natural Catastrophe Insurance Program (NCIP)  NCIP provides Earthquake Insurance Coverage, Flood Insurance Coverage, and/or Landslide Insurance Coverage for any property that you may want to insure. Personal property can be added to the Fire Insurance Policy or Hazard Insurance Policy.

Contact Us Today

Contact us today for your fire insurance at 801-264-1100. We are also located at 997 East 3900 South in Salt Lake City.

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