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Why Jackson Insurance Services?

Jackson Insurance Services also represents several other major insurance companies that will in all likelihood satisfy your insurance needs and pocket book. Jackson Insurance Services has the resources and insurance companies to write almost any driver, regardless of driving record or insurance score rating.



Liability coverage is meant to protect you financially if an accident causes injury or damage to other people or property. Should you be sued, required to pay medical bills for others, or obligated to pay for repairs to property damaged by your accident, liability coverage will help cover those costs. Every state, including Utah, requires a certain minimum liability coverage level, so which coverage is right for you? Lower coverage can mean lower premiums but provides less protection in the case of a serious accident. Higher coverage will provide you much greater financial protection but may not fit within your budget. We can work closely with you to look at all of your coverage and help you find the right balance of cost and protection.

Physical Damage:

Comprehensive and Collision coverage to cover your vehicle should it be damaged in an accident. If this occurs, we can pay for accident-related repairs or even pay for the value of the vehicle should damages be that high.
For example, Collision Coverage protects you from accidental damages caused by a collision—regardless of who is at fault. Comprehensive Coverage helps repair damages caused by fire, theft, vandalism, hail, flooding and more.

Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist:

Make sure you’re protected by having UM/UIM coverage on your policy. Adding this option provides coverage for injuries that were caused by a driver who was not insured or inadequately insured.

Personal Injury Protection:

Personal injury protection coverage will help ensure that you have coverage for medical bills, lost wages, or loss of services. If needed, this coverage also provides for funeral expenses and survivor benefits.

24/7 Roadside Assistance:

You won’t find yourself stranded when you have this option on your policy. We can help with towing, lockout or even gas delivery.

Rental Car Reimbursement:

Your vehicle might need to be towed after an accident, or maybe you just need some help getting around while your vehicle is in the shop. With this coverage, we can help pay for a rental vehicle to keep you mobile after an accident.

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Looking for a quote on a home or auto policy? An authorized independent agent can provide all the information you need. Finding the insurance that is right for you can sometimes be challenging. Having someone who can help you navigate through all the different choices, definitions and options can be invaluable.

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