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About Jackson Insurance Services

Welcome to Bear River Mutual Agency – Jackson Insurance Services of Salt Lake City, Utah. We are a third generation, family-owned, insurance agency proudly serving the people of Utah since 1968. We have been representing Bear River Mutual Insurance Company for over 47 years. We provide a complete range of insurance services through the Wasatch Front; including all of the Salt Lake Valley, Holladay, Millcreek, Cottonwood Heights, West Jordan, South Jordan, West Valley, Draper, Sandy, Riverton, Herriman, as well as all other outlining communities, including the cities of Ogden and Provo.

Jackson Insurance continues to use the same principles today as the day Jackson Insurance was conceived, that of always putting our customers first. We realize it is because of our customers we have been so successful over these many years. Our experienced staff are all professionally trained to provide you with the proper insurance for your needs, as well as providing the most competitive rates available.

We offer the following types of insurance; automobile, home, condo, renters, mobile home, motorcycle, recreation vehicles, boats, RV, business, commercial, apartment owners, Community Association policies and more! We also offer SR-22 insurance. We insure all drivers and it only takes less than 5 minutes to get a FREE quote! If you are unable to visit us at our office, we can give you a quote over the phone and get your policy started right over the phone!

We have made a strong presence in the Salt Lake Valley for nearly 50 years and continue to offer the very best service to our customers, something you will quickly realize when you choose us for your insurance needs. Bear River Mutual Agency – Jackson Insurance Services has achieved success through the use of clarity and understanding our customers’ needs. We know that you will find what you are looking for through the many insurance companies we represent, in both price and service.

Please call us today for a free quote, or contact us to answer any insurance questions you may have. Call us at 801-264-1100 or contact us here. You can also visit us at our second location.

Bear River Mutual Agency – Jackson Insurance Services
2332 W 12600 S Ste E
Riverton, UT 84065

I have two cars with this insurance.
They never fail me and their prices are very accessible. Plus the people who work there are very nice.

Diego V.

I will never go anywhere else again. Their customer service is amazing! They are friendly and more than willing to help with anything you need.

Kaylie S.

I have been with Jackson ins. co. for over 5 years and each time I am provided with excellent service. Whitney and Valeria are the best agents ever.

Toni R.

Press Release


Bear River Mutual Agency – Jackson Insurance Services Receives 2017 Best of Salt Lake City Award

Salt Lake City Award Program Honors the Achievement

SALT LAKE CITY March 22, 2017 — Bear River Mutual Agency – Jackson Insurance Services has been selected for the 2017 Best of Salt Lake City Award in the Local Business category by the Salt Lake City Award Program. 

Each year, the Salt Lake City Award Program identifies companies that we believe have achieved exceptional marketing success in their local community and business category. These are local companies that enhance the positive image of small business through service to their customers and our community. These exceptional companies help make the Salt Lake City area a great place to live, work and play.

Various sources of information were gathered and analyzed to choose the winners in each category. The 2017 Salt Lake City Award Program focuses on quality, not quantity. Winners are determined based on the information gathered both internally by the Salt Lake City Award Program and data provided by third parties.

About Salt Lake City Award Program

The Salt Lake City Award Program is an annual program honoring the achievements and accomplishments of local businesses throughout the Salt Lake City area. Recognition is given to those companies that have shown the ability to use their best practices and implemented programs to generate competitive advantages and long-term value.

The Salt Lake City Award Program was established to recognize the best of local businesses in our community. Our organization works exclusively with local business owners, trade groups, professional associations and other business advertising and marketing groups. Our mission is to recognize the small business community’s contributions to the U.S. economy.

SOURCE: Salt Lake City Award Program 

Bear River Agents information

Bear River Mutual Agents

We are so proud to be an Agent for Bear River Mutual Insurance. They are one of the greatest, most reputable companies in the industry and they are based right here in Murray, Utah. Since 1909, they have been a great example Utah families how insurance companies should treat their customers. Bear River’s claims service is fantastic. Our agency is always receiving great reviews about how well they were treated during the claim process with Bear River. Below you will find detailed information about Bear River Mutual.

How Do They Keep Their Prices So Low?

We get asked this question all the time. The company caters only to the Utah community and is therefore able to provide more personalized service. Innovative approaches to insurance, like Bear River’s policy of only offering auto insurance to people who do not consume alcohol or illegal drugs, help keep premium prices low. Bear River caters to a specific market and therefore, the rates for that market can be kept very low. Call us today to get a Bear River Insurance quote and see how much you can save today!

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We have Agents for Bear River Car Insurance to write policies only in the state of Utah. If you are in one of the following cities and need a Bear River Insurance quote please give us a call.

Lehi, Utah Insurance quote, Eagle Mountain, Utah Insurance quote, Saratoga Springs, Utah Insurance quote
Alpine, Utah Insurance quote, American Fork, Utah Insurance quote, Cedar Hills, Utah Insurance quote, Highland, Utah Insurance quote
Pleasant Grove, Utah Insurance quote, Lindon, Utah Insurance quote, Orem, Utah Insurance quote, Provo, Utah Insurance quote
Springville, Utah Insurance quote, Murray, Utah Insurance quote, Salt Lake City, Utah Insurance quote, Holladay, Utah Insurance quote
West Jordan, Utah Insurance quote, Draper, Utah Insurance quote, South Jordan, Utah Insurance quote, Herriman, Utah Insurance quote
Riverton, Utah Insurance quote, Holladay, Utah Insurance quote, South Salt Lake, Utah Insurance quote

About Agents for Bear River Insurance and its Insurance Services –

Quickly and easily quote auto insurance, home insurance, renters insurance or earthquake insurance quote using our easy to use website. As a customer, you will enjoy our suite of customer service forms all from your local independent insurance agent.

Insurance protects you against financial loss if you have an accident. It is a contract between you and the insurance company. At Bear River Mutual Insurance Services, we’ll help you understand your policy and prepare you to get your life back on track. We offer insurance from all the major brands including Bear River Mutual, United Insurance Group, Dairyland, Casualty Underwriters, and Safeco. We service Provo, American Fork, Orem and more.

We offer a wide range of insurance services from leading providers including Bear River Car Insurance Agency, Progressive Insurance, Safeco Insurance, Foremost, and several others. And don’t forget to check out why we are the best auto insurance agent provider in Utah.

Bear River Car Insurance in Provo, Utah

Did you know that drivers need auto insurance near me? I’ll bet you would rather spend your money on something other than auto insurance, right? Keep reading and we’ll show you how using multiple car insurance companies to get quotes will get you the cheapest auto insurance price…

Quote with many insurance companies at one time!

Well that little gem will save you money, time, and a few premature gray hairs on your head. “But what about my list of special discounts” you might say. Well, I can give you a list of discounts that stretches to the moon, but at the end of the day I would simply ask “what’s the coverage and what’s the price.” Simple? Yes, and that’s the way it should be.

Lucky for you, you’re already in the right place because Bear River Mutual .Online represents some of the most sought after car insurance companies in Utah such as Bear River Mutual Agents, Auto-Owners Insurance, Travelers, The Hartford, Progressive, Mutual of Enumclaw, and many, many more. That means that if you’ll take a few minutes to fill out the information above, we’ll figure out which (out of our dozens of insurance companies) is offering you the lowest rate. Simple.

At Keystone Insurance Services, we make car insurance shopping easy because we do it all for you. You’re just a few questions away from getting started, so let’s go!

What auto insurance is required in Utah?

The state of Utah requires liability coverage and since it is a no-fault state you are required to have at least $3000 in personal injury protection to cover medical payments.

What is the minimum auto insurance coverage in Utah?

The state of Utah requires a minimum auto insurance coverage of:

  • Bodily Injury – $25,000 per person, with a total maximum of $65,000 per incident
  • It also covers up to $15,000 for damage to another persons’ property

More Auto Insurance Utah FAQ:

Q: Will my auto insurance policy transfer to someone’s car that I am borrowing?
A: In the state of Utah, your policy does not typically cover a vehicle that you have borrowed. Your policy may still defend you as an individual, but in most cases it does not protect the owner of the borrowed vehicle, or their property.

Q: Does my personal auto insurance policy provide coverage if I’m using my vehicle for business?
A: Some insurers will offer to extend coverage for certain business use, but the personal auto policy would not typically extend coverage to the business itself which means that the business could be left vulnerable in the event of a claim. You should talk to your agent to find out if you need a commercial auto policy.

Q: If I rent a vehicle, do I have to buy the rental company’s insurance?
A: It’s not always necessary to purchase the coverage from the rental car company which is great because in most cases their coverage is very expensive. Some auto insurance companies will automatically extend liability and physical damage to the rented vehicle in the United States and Canada, but there are two things not normally covered by your policy: The Daily Rental Fee until the vehicle is fixed, and Diminished Value which is really just a perceived value drop for the rental vehicle because the car has been involved in an accident. Talk to your agent to find out what coverage is extended on your particular policy so that you don’t over-pay when you rent your next car.

Q: What is covered under Comprehensive coverage?
A: Comprehensive is referring to physical damage to your car and is commonly referred to as “not at fault” claims such as vandalism, theft, wind, fire, hail, glass breakage, water, falling objects (watch out for those meteors) and hitting animals such as deer.

Q: What is covered under Collision coverage?
A: Collision coverage is also referring to physical damage to your vehicle and it pays for repairs due to the overturn of the vehicle, or collision with another object such as another car, building, pole, etc.

Q: How much coverage do I need to carry on my auto insurance?
A: The only real answer to this is to say “however much your future claims will cost”. Although that’s really the truth, the practical answer is to weigh your risk if a serious accident occurs. A newly married couple with no assets will have different needs than an established family with a home, auto, and additional assets. You will want to discuss with your agent your particular needs. Many times the bump in coverage is extremely reasonable in cost and will help protect your assets much better.

Q: What should I do if I have an accident?
A: If the accident involves another party you should generally notify the police first, but if that’s not possible or practical make sure that you exchange information with them such as names, addresses, telephone numbers, license plate, and their insurance information. Taking photos is also great way to document what occurred so that you can reference the photos if there’s a dispute. Because accidents will sometimes leave us frazzled, it’s important to remember that we may not be the greatest decision makers in these situations, so remember to never admit fault, and do not discuss the accident details with any third parties other than your insurance company, your insurance agent, and the police. Notify your insurance agent about the accident as soon as you’re in a safe place.

Bear River Mutual Insurance Agents of Utah

Bear River Mutual has a reputation of being one of the best Auto Insurance companies in Utah and the country. In fact, it made Ward’s Top 50 P&C Insurance companies for 5 years straight (2008-2013). Although they’re known for their auto coverage, Bear River Mutual ® also offers exemplary home, personal umbrella, renters, and dwelling fire policies for our clients. Compare with Bear River Insurance and see the difference.

Home & Dwelling Fire:

Your home is most likely your most valuable financial asset; if you were to include all the personal property within its walls, it likely contains most of your life’s treasures. Having a homeowners insurance in Provo is one of the easiest safeguards for your family’s security. Home insurance policies also provide coverage if you suffer a loss due to appliance failure, theft or vandalism. If you live in an area prone to natural events, such as lightning strikes and wildfires, adding dwelling fire coverage can be a smart route as well. You see it on the news daily, where unforeseen events can quickly turn the tables on homeowners. With so many possible variables, we encourage all of our clients to acquire home insurance in Provo.

Personal Umbrella:

If you have a portfolio that has additional assets, such as land, rental properties, vacations homes, and so on, another layer of protection you can provide your family with is personal liability umbrella coverage. An umbrella policy comes into play when the liability-limits are exhausted on your existing home or auto policies. Unfortunate examples are if your dog were to bite someone in your yard or there is an ATV accident on your land or fire in your rental condo that spreads to other units – what would you do? Most likely you’d max-out your previous limits and be held personally accountable for the remainder. This is the exact situation where umbrella coverage can save the day!


Just because you don’t currently own a home, doesn’t mean you haven’t amassed assets and personal belongings that feel irreplaceable. Whether you’re just starting out in Provo or are in-between homes while you move, if you’re a renter, we suggest renters insurance for our clients. The benefits of renters insurance are many; it covers everything from furniture to clothing and computers and sporting goods. Additionally, renters insurance can protect you in the event you bring an appliance into your unit that malfunctions, such as a washing machine that leaks to the unit below or a curling iron that was forgotten that causes a small fire. Accidents happen and we all experience them, but protecting yourself from financial ruin due to expensive litigation is a must.

Bear River Mutual History in Utah

Bear River Mutual Insurance got its start in 1909 in Northern Utah. Farmers soon recognized they needed protection against potential damages to their farms, so they formed a mutual company where they could pool their money into a collective account. This strategy proved to be less expensive than other insurance companies in Utah at that time and still holds true today.

These founding farmers realized that they could trust each other to help insure their farms because they shared similar values and high standards. Only those who shared their high values could join the mutual fund. Trust, honesty, integrity, and hard work governed the policies and execution of benefits. Bear River Mutual operates in the same manner today.

Why Are Bear River’s Rates So Affordable?

Bear River Mutual is able to keep their rates so low for a few important reasons. First, since it’s a locally owned mutual fund in Utah only, it’s tied to our strong economy and environment. Policy holders don’t have to pay extra for disasters common to other states. Next, policy holders are actual owners of the mutual fund instead of stakeholders or investors. So as a policy holder, you’ll reap the benefits instead of them. Finally, Bear River Mutual Insurance adheres to the strict acceptance values upon which the company was founded. This means you’re in good company with other safe, responsible, hard-working drivers like yourself. Higher standards means fewer accidents, fewer payouts, and therefore lower premiums.

Welcome to your Direct Insurance Services Agency

If you’re shopping for new insurance, you’ve found the right place! Direct Insurance Services are found with us at A Jackson Insurance Services which is a local Salt Lake City insurance agency specializing in Auto, Homeowners and Business Insurance for Utah families and businesses. As an independent agency, we represent many different insurance companies, which allows us shop your insurance needs with multiple insurance companies, including Bear River Insurance. This can often mean savings for you! Start your Bear River auto quote now!

Our office is located in the Cottonwood Heights area of Salt Lake City, but we service customers throughout the state of Utah. You’ll be satisfied that you are served by one of our dedicated agents, providing you with answers and working to serve your individual insurance needs.

We Value Our Customers

We maintain that customer service and customer satisfaction are most important. Our company strives to be a leader in personalized service. We’ll work hard to earn your business, and continue to provide you with unmatched service as a valued, long-term client.

Auto & Homeowners Insurance

We offer a wide variety of Personal Insurance programs to our clients in Utah including Car, Home, Motorcycle, Boat & Watercraft, and Flood Insurance. We are proud to represent Bear River Insurance, a Utah based mutual insurer that offers an auto insurance program specifically for non-drinkers. We also represent other quality personal insurance companies including Allied, Safeco, Badger Mutual, Germantown, Travelers, Progressive, Kemper and others.

Less Than Perfect Driving Records

Tickets, accidents, DUI? No prior insurance? No problem! We have several insurance programs to help drivers with less than perfect driving records. SR-22 filings? No problem!

Low Down payments, Low Monthly Payments

Looking for a low down payments? Talk to one of our experienced agents today. We have many programs that allows one month down payments and low month-to-month payments.

Also, if you have the following zip codes, you can plug it into the website, click the link or look at the list, we will forward you to the closest agent.

84003 Insurance quote, 84004 Insurance quote, 84005 Insurance quote, 84062 Insurance quote
84097 Insurance quote, 84057 Insurance quote, 84005 Insurance quote, 84043 Insurance quote
84088 Insurance quote, 84084 Insurance quote, 84095 Insurance quote, 84020 Insurance quote
84107 Insurance quote, 84121 Insurance quote, 84124 Insurance quote, 84606 Insurance quote

Bear River Insurance Agents of Utah has many different auto insurance programs to protect your individual or family’s needs.

Let us help you a quality, affordable car insurance policy.

When you’re shopping for car insurance, you’ll want to know the type of coverage you want on your autos. Prices can vary greatly depending on the limits and deductibles you choose.

Coverage options

Comprehensive and Collision Coverages
Comprehensive and Collision coverages pay for damage to your automobile. People often refer to these coverages as “full coverage” to your auto.

  • Collision coverage insures you against damage to your vehicle caused during an accident.
  • Comprehensive (other than collision) coverage insures you against all other physical damage to your car caused by such events as fire, theft, flood, and vandalism. Animal collision and glass breakage are covered by Comprehensive.

These coverages typically are subject to a deductible, which usually range from $100 to $1,000. The higher the deductible, the lower your premium.

Liability Coverage
Liability coverage pays for injuries you cause to other people and damage you cause to other people’s property when you are at fault in an automobile accident.

Personal Injury Protection
Utah requires Personal Injury Protection, which is also referred to as No-Fault coverage. This coverage pays for things like medical expenses and funeral expenses. It also pays for loss of income for injuries sustained in an auto accident.

Uninsured and Underinsured Motorists Coverage
This coverage pays if you are injured by a person who is completely uninsured or doesn’t have enough liability insurance to cover your injuries.

Other Coverages
We can include additional coverages such as towing, rental reimbursement, and roadside assistance. Many carriers also offer add-ons such as Accident Forgiveness, Minor Violation Forgiveness and other optional coverages

How much do I need?
This depends on a number of factors, including your family’s assets, value of your car, and the amount of money you can afford to pay out-of-pocket, and your tolerance for risk. Talk to one of our experienced agents today and let us help you find the program that fits your needs best.

Discounts Available
Some of the discounts that may be available to you include:

  • Multi-Car Discount
  • Company Car Discount (if you have a car provided by an employer for your use)
  • Multi-Policy or Package Discount (also referred to as a “Bundle”)
  • Good Student Discount (if a youthful operator carries a 3.0 GPA or higher)

Bear River Mutual – Auto Insurance Program
We’re proud to represent Bear River Mutual Insurance Company at as an authorized agent. Bear River offers a unique auto insurance program in Utah only, which offers very competitive rates to non-drinking families. Ask us today about a free auto insurance quote from Bear River Mutual.

Driving Record Problem?
If you’re someone with a “less than perfect” driving record, don’t stress. Direct Insurance Services has multiple programs for drivers with tickets, foreign licenses, suspended licenses or in need of an SR-22 filing.

Call us, your Bear River Car Insurance Agent, for a free auto insurance quote and coverage comparison.

We are an Independent Insurance Agency representing Bear River Insurance as well as many other great companies for your online quick quotes.

We service the Salt Lake, Heber City, and Kamas Valley areas and throughout the state of Utah. At Sorensen Insurance Agency, Inc., each one of our clients is given a dedicated team of experts that work together to proficiently address all your concerns.

We offer all types of Personal Insurance coverages to our clients in Utah including Auto Insurance, Boat & Watercraft, Flood Insurance, Homeowners Insurance, and Earthquake.

Give one of our agents a call to save money on your Business Insurance. Some of our Commercial insurance coverages include Farm & Ranch, Bonds, Business Owners Policy (BOP), Commercial Auto, and General Liability.

Let us help you cut your insurance cost in Utah

Just give us a quick call today at 801-264-1100 or Submit one of our quick online quote forms – with the help of our dedicated business partners; we conveniently offer an entire solution for all your insurance and business needs.